Construction chutes


– construction chutes are completely manufactured in Poland,

– made of polyethylene featuring high impact resistance, abrasion resistance and mechanical damage resistance,

– easy storage due to light weight, small dimensions and cone shape,

– used for direct transportation of debris to the containers,

– featuring high stability, functionality and easy installation,


A construction chute consists of the following components:

– basic segment (with the thick walls to increase durability, work. leng.: 95 cm, weight: 8 kg),

– filling segment (installed at the beginning of the chute, weight: 10 kg),

– intermediate segment (do remove debris from lower storeys, equipped with the flexible cover and catches to fasten the segment inlet, weight: 19 kg),

– reinforced segment (optional, used in ling sets),

– winch segment

– installation winch (facilitates chute installation and disassembly, rope leng.: up to 30 m, weight: 7 kg),

– load bearing structure (intended for wall installation, weight: 10 kg),

– reinforcing insert (made of galvanised plate, protects the final chute segments),

– sealing band  (protects dust from moving out of chute).


– clean, fast and safe transport of debris to the supplied containers,

– improved repair works.