MIDI Box 60kN/m²


– economical and small-sized system for manual installation, small board weight ensures fast and manual installation,

– basic system components are formwork boards 90 and 120 cm high and 25 – 90 cm wide,

– system complements and is an alternative to the boards with the standard height, installed in the same manner as the MIDI Box system,

– all connecting and auxiliary components used in the MIDI BOX 3S system are also used in the MIDI BOX system,

– small-sized boards requiring small space for storage,

– width of the MIXI Box 3S boards complies with the MIDI Box boards.


– for the construction of foundations, binders and walls (cellars),

– boards carrying fresh concrete pressure of up to 60 kN/m²,

– forming of low foundation walls and posts (90 cm or 120 cm),

forming of higher walls and posts (exceeding 120 cm) by using several MIDI Box 3S boards.