MIDI Box 80 kN/m²


– wall formwork that can be installed in two manners on the construction site depending on the width of the working boards i.e.:

  • without the crane – boards from 25 to 75 cm,
  • and with the crane – boards from 75 to 240 cm,

– full range of boards 150 cm, 270 cm, 300 cm and 330 cm high,

– permissible fresh concrete pressure is: 80kN/m² without superstructures, 55kN/m² with superstructures,

BM260 and MB710 multifunctional formwork lock to reliably connect the formwork boards, join the corners and posts with the option to straighten the planking plane,

installation of formwork in polygonal structures by using the radial slats.


Construction of reinforced concrete structures such as:

– strip foundations,

– heavy walls,

– square and rectangular section posts,

– binders,

– lift shafts,

and many other typical and atypical structures used in construction, industry, etc today.