Mobile MP scaffolding



  • complements and is an alternative to the frame and modular scaffolding,
  • typical components used in the entire mobile scaffolding range so that the existing series may be extended,
  • working platform effective load capacity of up to 2 kN/m²,
  • max. working platform height should not exceed 12 m in closed rooms and 8 m outside the building,
  • scaffolding components made of steel (mobile beams, wheels) and aluminium (frames, bracings, rails, platforms),
  • high-grade aluminium makes the whole mobile scaffolding group light and extremely durable,
  • platforms made of waterproof plywood,
  • used castors of 200 and 125 mm in diameter ensure efficient manoeuvring and the foot brake secures the scaffolding in the required position,
  • adjustable stands to precisely install the structure by accurate levelling,
  • versatile and extended mobile beams and supports ensure the structure stability,
  • aluminium frames including steps (ribbed steps to ensure safety when climbing the scaffolding),
  • self-clamping clips to install, disassemble and rebuild the scaffolding without any other tools – quickly and with no problems,
  • minimum space for storage and transport is another advantage.

The mobile scaffolding are safety certified with the Certification no. B/02/004/14 granted by the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining in Warsaw.


Type of scaffolding Platform dimensions (m) Working platform height (m) Working platform effective load capacity (kN/m2)
MP MINI 1,80 x 0,75 0,90-3,53 2 kN/m2
MP 600 1,80 x 0,75 2,32-5,07 2 kN/m2
MP 800 1,80 x 1,50 2,17-11,80 2 kN/m2
MP 1000 2,80 x 0,75 2,32-11,95 2 kN/m2
MP 2000 2,85 x 1,50 2,17-10,85 2 kN/m2


  • for construction and assembly works inside and outside of buildings – in each place where fast and frequent repositioning is important,
  • perfect for works connected with installations, air conditioning, finishing, protection against corrosion etc.