Nets and canvas covers


  • nets and canvas covers protect against adverse weather conditions – rain, wind, snow,
  • perfect for time-consuming construction works performed on high buildings, towers, tanks etc,
  • using this equipment minimises the adverse impact of the construction works on the closest neighbourhood,
  • a building looks aesthetically during the facade works,
  • polyethylene design ensures high durability,
  • various dimensions and colours available depending on the needs.


Scaffolding nets:

  • great protection of mortar and facade materials against pre-mature drying and sun, rain and wind,
  • protect the area surrounding the scaffolding against contamination and objects falling from the scaffoldings,
  • act as a source of advertisement and information to promote the contractor and materials used by him,
  • reflect well on the contractor who protects the workplace in an appropriate manner.

Canvas covers:

  • practical – cover and protect the scaffoldings, allow to work on the scaffoldings in low temperatures,
  • used as advertisements.