ROTAX Plus modular scaffolding



  • modular scaffolding compatible with the frame scaffolding (adjustable stands, connections, platforms, girders and other),
  • system installed on the same structural grid as the frame scaffoldings (length: 3.07; 2.57; 2.07; 1.57 m, width: 0.73 and 1.09 m),
  • apart from the frame system this system may be extended in any direction,
  • trays acting as a rotating system connection welded to the vertical stand pipes every 0.5 m,
  • up to 8 transoms or bracings may be attached to one perforated ring,
  • final scaffolding shape obtained with the versatile wedge and transom system,
  • scaffolding grid dimensions maintained with the particular holes to accurately fit the transoms and maintain the proper angles.


  • industrial facilities with many systems, pipelines (refineries, shipyards etc),
  • as free-standing tower scaffoldings – shipbuilding, power engineering and other industries,
  • church towers,
  • as internal ceiling suspended platforms used for refurbishments,
  • installation of stages and stands in the cultural and entertainment event venues.

The modular scaffolding are safety certified with the Certification no. B/02/007/11 granted by the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining in Warsaw.